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1st DAN

Sensei Dave started training at a shotokan club in Maidstone, working hard to achieve his black belt. When the club disbanded, Dave and fellow first dans started their own club, Pheonix Karate Club, at Park Way primary school where Sensei Chris was working.​


When Sensei Chris visited them for some extra training, Dave was keen to continue developing his karate. He was present at the very first session of Shiseikan SKC in September 2009, and after a time continuing with his own club, he also joined the Shiseikan to further his training.

When Pheonix was merged with Shiseikan, Dave stayed on to continue training and instructing.  When Sensei Dave was running the session, you could expect a real cardio workout!

Dave moved away in 2021, finishing his final session in traditional style... kumite against each member in order to leave the dojo.

Sadly, in November 2023, Dave passed away after a short battle against cancer.  Dave  was a terrific Karateka and a kind, generous friend. He will be sorely missed by all those who knew and trained with him. RIP Dave

In Memoriam

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