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Who would be instructing me?

Sensei Chris Mulville (4th Dan)


Sensei Chris Mulville started training  under Sensei Georges Dussart (5th Dan) at Canterbury Christ Church College SKC in 1994. After a short break in training, when he first started primary school teaching, he returned to Canterbury and achieved his shodan (1st dan black belt) in 2002. He instructed regularly at the club, overseeing student successes in gradings and competitions. He is a qualified Judge, but feels he isn't quite ready to retire from competition just yet.

Sensei Chris has taken the opportunity to train with many highly regarded senseis. From his early training under Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Ohta and Sensei Naylor, to more recent training under Senseis Sherry, Brennan, Poynton, Rhodes, Higgins and O'Neill.

"Karate is something that has become integral to my life. I am very proud to be a member of the KUGB. The quality of the karate is amazing."  

Sensei Chris has competed at local and national level within the KUGB, achieving runner-up in Veteran Kumite in 2016, reaching the last eight in kata at the southern region championships twice, and winning bronze in the team kumite at the Essex trophy in 1997. He has also competed outside the KUGB, as a guest of a small association in the south-east, winning both the male senior kata category and senior male kumite categories. 

Sensei Dave Thomson (1st Dan)


Sensei Dave started training at a non-KUGB club in Maidstone, working hard to achieve his black belt. When the club disbanded, Dave and fellow first dans started their own club, Pheonix, at the primary school where Sensei Chris was working.​


When Sensei Chris visited them for some extra training, Dave was impressed with the quality of his karate. He was present at the very first session of Shiseikan SKC in September 2009, and after a time continuing with his own club,  also joined the KUGB to further his training.

When Pheonix merged with Shiseikan in 2016, Sensei Dave continued to train and instruct. When Sensei Dave's in charge, expect a good cardio workout! 


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